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Raft Otter 140
Product Stats
Product Title Raft Otter 140
Available Sizes
Available colors Blue
Product For General-Product
Manufacturer NRS (First on the water)
Price EUR2928.00

Built by craftsmen with pride in their product.Built tough with the highest quality materials. Offered in a wide variety shapes and sizes,so whether you're smashing through a big rapid or slipping quietly along in search of a big fish. This year we`re offering the Otter Series in a wider range of shapes and sizes. Whether you`re boating in a pond or the Grand Canyon, there`s an Otter for you. You get outstanding value with no compromise in performance. You get the NRS Rock Solid Guarantee. You get a boat that will take you there and bring you back. You get a boat that`s built to last....one that you`re proud to own.

The Otter Advantages:

  1. Four side- mounted handles for a better haul.
  2. HD40 provides a slicker bottom to slide over rocks.
  3. Wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.
  4. Pure value; the Otter is the best boat for your money
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